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16th Century Chandelier

29”Across  This one hangs 18” from ceiling 

Twisted crosses.Copper accents, Flat Black

16th Century Metal Art Designs

All one of a kind Metal Art .pieces

Gothic Lighting

Medieval Metal Work 

Victorian Metal art and Lighting


Girder Light

21”Wx27’L  and hangs 12” off ceiling

Satin Black,4 spot lights

Custom Industrial Metal Art Designs


Contemporary Light

 30”Wx42”L and 19” from ceiling 

Textured Brown,  Brass screws,

 Frosted  Glass

Contemporary Metal Art Designs

 End Table Lamp     

 4” across and 14” tall 

 Satin Black, Copper accents

Custom Handmade Lighting


Utility Light       


Gloss Red ,Flat Black

Custom Handmade Lighting


16th Century Candle Holder

5 candle holders, twisted bar, copper rivets, brass balls

Flat Black

Custom Metalwork

Any piece can be made to any size.

Custom Handmade Metal Art

Gothic Chandeliers

Candles or electric




Gothic Candle Holder With Chain Can Also Have Rope And Pulley Mount

Medieval Candle Holder 16th Century Metal Work


 Gothic Candle Holder Handmade Victorian Pieces


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